24 Juli 2014

NyanCon 2014 // Mini J-Fashion Meet

Hello lovelies,
last weekend was a quite new Con in Linz, the NyanCon. I was not sure if I should go there because the name is somehow not well chosen. . anyways I went there because I will not be able to go to other Cons due to some changes in my life :)
I managed to do a little J-Fashion Meet Up there and this was my outfit for it:
Ribbon (not visible): Innocent World // Pearl Alice band: claire´s // Earrings: Bijou Brigitte // Blouse: H&;M // vest: ??? // Skirt: Lady Sloth // Petticoat (not visible): Classical Puppets // Tights: ??? // Shoes: Deichmann
I guess it is kind of Classic-Gothic Lolita ^.^
Me and Yaya :) Somehow my V-sign looks weird there xD
Detailtime :
Lovely ribbon I bought at the IW teaparty in Vienna :)
One pair of my new earrings :) I love clocks and bows - perfect combination there!
Again IW and my beloved book bag: Funnily I had a book which contained different books in my book bag - bookception? :O
Last but not least: Look at my awesome new shoes♥ They are so beautiful and comfortabl(◡‿◡✿)
I bought some super kawaii buttons from Momo/Sweet-Ticket! I love the look of the bunny and the bear :3

So I had awesome companions but the Con itself was small and programme was meh. I hope it gets better the next year :)
What about you? Did you visit a boring Con? What did you do there to make it worth being there? :D

Do you like my outfit?

Let me know  :)



  1. Der Rock ist so toll *__* ich liebe ebenfalls solche antiken Uhren :D aber nur als Prints oder Schmuck, tragen tu ich nie welche :D
    Du sahst klasse aus :) so stimmig - die Schleife, die Tasche, die Schuhe, alles super :)

    1. Das war auch mein Grund bei Lady Sloth zu bestellen ;D Uhren habens mir irgendwie angetan, wobei ich selbst im Alltag keine analogen Uhren mag, ich hab digitale xD
      Dankeschön <3