16 Juli 2014

Rainy days :)

Hello lovelies,

last weekend I finally visited my boyfriend in Vienna again! He has a summer job in Lower Austria and no time to get to Vienna except last weekend :) Well we mainly stayed in bed and watched Sherlock but once we went out to eat something
I used the occasion to dress up a little:
Hat: H&M // Brooch/Jacket/Dress: Fleamarket // Necklace: Shop in Barcelona // Bag: Ahcahcum Muchacha // Socks: ??? // Shoes: Humanic
He was also so kind to take the pics of me and I think he did it really well ;)
I like this pic at all but not my hair D: It gets really messy when it is raining even though it does not get wet. Humidity makes me uncomfortable with my hair D:
Anyways . . Detail time :D
This is the lovely brooch I found on the last fleamarket! I wrote about it here: *click*
I bought this necklace on my trip to Barcelona where me and my class had our architecture lessons. It was pretty expensive but I am soooo glad I bought it <3
Finally I had the opportunity to wear my fancy bunny bag and take pics of it :D I love the special shape, the weird upside-down print and that it is so spacious! I made a review about it and other bags I bought via CDJapan: *click*

Concrit and compliments are welcome as always :)
What do you do on rainy weekends?
Also watching some series like Sherlock
♥ and Co?