25 Januar 2017

advent calendar swapping and christmas gifts★

Hello lovelies,

Ik now it is a bit late for showing my advent calendars and presents but I do not mind! Since I did not have time to show before I flew to Japan I have to do it now :)
So I start with the Advent Calendar swapping with my friend from work.We decided some sweets we wanted  and an overall theme for the calendar so it was way easier to buy things and make this calendar:

The theme for mine was 'magical and witchy'!
I did not find a chance to use the christmas tree ornaments since I did not have an own in my flat but they were decoratively lying somewhere xD

The best parts are definitely the nail polish, the toilet sticker (*get yours here*) and this box! Its pattern and writing is exactly after my fancy <3 
Now onto my christmas presents:
I celebrated a week earlier with my family in Vienna so I would not be stressed out traveling to Japan on the 25th of December.
So I got some kitchen utensils for baking and some egg cups, a cat pillow and a cat blanket, a black towel with my name stitched on it, Killstar suff and some jewelry:
One can always make me happy with necklaces xD I got the gold one from my sister, I like those abstract triangles a lot. The other 2 are from my parents, the left one is from Rogue+Wolf and the right one is Supernatural merch :D

I hope you also had some nice days with your friends and family whether you celebrate christmas or not!
Thank you for stopping by!


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