12 Januar 2017

Announcing the winner! // chiringo.fi

Hello my lovelies,

finally I found some time for internet! I arrived with a big delay on sunday morning in Vienna. So I did not really have the time I thought I would have before I had to work on monday again D: This time I think I had a sort of jetlag but was also kind of sick . . so it took me until today to feel like myself again^^
Anyway back to the actual topic of this post:

I informed the 3 chosen ones to message me quickly because the first to do so wins the Give Away!
Yesterday evening I got the mail from Natz Schaf first!
Congratulations and lovely greetings to Germany!

I already got her adress so I will send it out in the beginning of the next week:)
Thank you all for participating in the Give Away and thank you to chiringo.fi for making it possible!
My next posts will be my belated review of 2016 and posts about my Japan trip!
Stay tuned for more!



  1. Congrats to the lucky winner, wanted to win the necklace so much.
    Better luck next time, thanks once again.