18 Januar 2017

Japan Holiday 2016: Day 2 in Kyoto

Hello lovelies,

I am back with day 2 in Kyoto! I saw there so many beautiful girls and women in their Yukatas, all looked so beautiful on their way to the Fushimi Inari *O* And this was also our desired destination! We walked to it for 15 minutes, we had a nicely situated apartment:
Look at these amazing Torii(s)! Every single one had a date on it on the one side, I guess it is the construction day (?), and on the other side it had the event written on it.
There was a moment there were not any tourists around and we took the chance to take peoplefree pics with the Torii! \^o^/
Here you can see those  fox head shaped boards where you could write your wishes on the back side and draw a fox face on the other side^.^

There were so many fox statues around the shrines and temples. Now I want one for my flat too xD It is like a guardian for those buildings and it is believed they also have magical powers.

After our trip to the Fushimi Inari and its temples we had some nice Ramen for lunch! It literally tasted like roast pork sauce with noodles, it was really delicious but a bit too rich for me . .
Then we experienced a tea ceremony! The woman told us in good english how a tea ceremony should be hold, what we had to in which order and how to make and drink our own Matcha.
This was the sweet candy we got from the tea lady. Doesn't it look cute? Under all this sugar there was a kind of jelly underneath. I realized last year japanese really like jelly for dessert^^
Last but not least we bought some sheet masks and had fun in the evening putting them on and wearing them xD  We all look so derpy :'D
Then we took the Shinkansen to Tokyo to get to our apartment in Harajuku <3
More to come soon!


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