15 Januar 2017

Japan Holiday 2016: Day 1 in Kyoto

Hello lovelies, 
I am starting with my trip to Japan because it was still last year, my New Years resolutions post will follow soon ^^ 

So we started our journey on the 26th of December from Vienna to Moscow and from there to our final destination Narita, Japan. The flights were okay, the food was not the best. I could not sleep at all but that is nothing new for me because I cannot sleep sitting xD
We arrived in Kyoto in the evening and had fun exploring our typical japanese apartment! There were 5 rooms, the staircase, kitchen and dining room, the bath, a separate toilet room and a sleeping room upstairs.
It was my first time sleeping in a futon bed on Tatami mats! The first night was pretty uncomfortable for me, I felt the floor right through the mattress!
We were hungry so we went to a small restaurant we saw when we arrived. It was so nice in there and the owner tried to speak english to us too. I had Katsudon (similar to Wiener Schnitzel) with Omelette on top. On the right you can see free Miso soup <3 and pickled veggies!
This vacation really started nicely because I also saw my first Maneki Neko in this restaurant. You know I love cats, right?
On the next morning we went out explore our surroundings.We had this nice small shrine(?) just in front of our apartment. I love those fox statues!
This was in the same street we lived in but in front of a house. Does anyone have an idea what this is? Inside were some little figurines and some Buddha statues.
We saw this funny shop with the bunny logo along the streets. I do not exactly know what they sold there but I liked the appearance of it a lot XD
I saved the best for the end of this post: There was a man on this vehicle walking 4 Shiba Inus! The man went into a shop and the dogs were watching his belongings. You can see how judgy and suspicious the one on the seat is X')

So this was my first day in Kyoto! On the next day we went to see the Fushimi Inari and did some shopping in the city!
Stay tuned for more :)



  1. Ich möcht nächstes Mal auch auf Tatami schlafen! *.*
    Freu mich mega auf mehr Berichte und Fotos! <3

    1. Gemütlich wars nicht, obwohl ich nur harte Matratzen habxD