05 Februar 2017

Japan Holiday 2016: Day 3 in Nara

Hello lovelies,

coming back to my Japan posts! Since the last time visiting Japan I wanted to go to Nara to see and pet the loose deer and how they act with humans. Well, this time I made it there! I also found lovely and funny selfies on Instagram from people with a deer. So my goal was to take one too :D Above you can see my best shots of this day!
We started our day in Nara with a nice meal in a typical restaurant! We got free Miso soup (<3) and I got for me Teriyaki Chicken with rice. Afterwards we made out way to the Nara-Park where all deer live.
They are waaaaay too cute and so soft too!
I bought some chestnut crackers to feed and attract them. The deer really did bow to me, it was so impressive! After some souvenir shopping we went to see the Daibutsu in Nara:
This is the Todai-ji, a Buddhistic temple which is famous for sheltering the biggest Buddhistic copper statue. I really like those little golden 'horns' of the roof a lot :D
There were 2 gigantic guardians in front of the entry to the Daibutsu. A really majestic impression to see those old, artful figures.
Inside there was the Daibutsu, the big Buddha. It is the biggest statue of Buddha with a height of 16 metres. It was made in 751 and is made out of  450 tons of copper. Everything was so beautiful and well-preserved you could not imagine it was that old.
In front of the temple there was this wooden statue with these red protection thingies. This is Arhat Pindola, a so-believed 'magician' from the 18th century. It is said if you touch a body part of the statue and touch the same part of your body your health issues should be gone.
After our day in Nara we drovw back to Kyoto to get our luggage and then we took the train to Tokyo! You get more of it in the next post :)


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