15 Februar 2017

Japan Holiday 2016: Day 4 in Harajuku

Hello lovelies,
finally I am back with a new post! Work and friends keep me busy a lot, so my internet life is turned down a lot. But here I am again :)
On day 4 we spent the first day in Harajuku strolling arround and shopping. In this post you see my outfit and my purchases of this day:
Beret: Shop in Harajuku // Jacket: Listen Flavor // Shirt, Shorts: H&M // Creepers: EMP // Backpack: Killstar
My accessories of the day: necklaces and buttons! The choker is from Claire´s Austria, the button from Claire´s Japan and the necklace is a Supernatural merch which I got from EMP.
I really loved the jacket! It was huge and silky and all those prints and patches in the front. I really did wear it only in my vacation and the sleeves look like I rubbed for hours over wood o.O The fabric is heavily destroyed and I do not know exactly why . . if you have any ideas for me let me know it!
This is the Backpack of my life <3 If you remember I got it from my parents for christmas: *click* I have to say I do not use it that often because I do not want to destroy it xD Yeah, stupid I know but it is sp precious for me!
Here is a bad selfie with bad quality and even worse exposure to light but I was very happy with my skin and the make up on that day^^ First I wore the headband but it hurt my head a lot so I switched to my new beret. Here is more stuff I bought:
I got loads of stationary, some accessories from Claire´s, Paris Kids and WEGO, a sweater, a beret and a phone case from Listen Flavor, two berets from random shops,and a cardigan from Closet Child and an eyeliner from Etude House.
I was really lucky on that day buying all those lovely stuff :D

Thank you for staying with me!



  1. Iiiih! I'm so jealous! I wanna go there too! <3
    ..would need a massive budget though x)

    Lovely shoppings! I love that kittycat badge in your outfit!

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Oh yes, you definitely need one when you are in Tokyo!!
      Thank you, dear :)