13 Januar 2016

Secret Santa // Christmas Gifts

Hello lovelies, 

I finally managed to take pics of my Secret Santa present I got from a girl of my local Lolita community! Shortly before the 24th december I went to my parents to celebrate christmas with them. Sadly the parcel did not arrive in time so I opened it in 2016!
In the pic above you see the lovely box and the letter :)
In there was a a lovely hair clip with a deer on it, it is from the brand Rebella. The steampunk brooch is really adorable too!
And those practical magnets with an ice cream, a hotdog, a cupcake and a burger on it already found their place on my kitchen wall :)
Here is a pic of my christmas presents I made at my parents' place:
I just wanted a sushi cookbook and I got the rice, Nori leaves, vinegar, soy sauce, wasabi and more. Candles, sweets and Hello Kitty stuff like the puzzle in the back is something I always get and I am happy about it ^.^
Some christmas presents from me and for me are still on its way or are soon on my blog to be seen:D
So be prepared to see it soon!



  1. That's so cute! I love the steampunk brooch!
    So funny that you got the whole kit for sushi! Sounds like they take what you like very seriously!

    Mika | www.la-french-connection.com

    1. I love it too!
      Yes, I am really glad they support my hobbies :)