08 November 2015

Metamorphose After-Teaparty-Party: Burlesque and Concerts

Hello lovelies,

long time no 'see'! I am sorry again for not writing as many blog posts as I wish but work is exhausting and I feel a little bit ill since last week D: Anyway onto the topic: After we cleaned the most of the Teaparty up we drove to Duplica to change for the afterparty in the ((szene))! Before we got in Yaya, my bf and me got us something to eat since we were starving o.O 
The first show we saw was from Daga and Babsi:
It was about 2 girls getting ready and dressed and  for the Teaparty!
It was really wonderful to watch! They performed to the song 'Girls just wana have fun' and really felt like this since both were cheerful and happy to have a Teaparty Ticket^.^
Meinhard, a german band was the first act I saw on stage. I really adore his style! It reminded me of a vampire, some aristocrat but also of a gothic version of David Bowie :D I also enjoyed the music since it is dark but also dancy.
Next up I saw was Lolita KompleX, a band from Austria and Malta! I saw them twice before so I knew them already! 
They heated up the audience for the main act: Die Milch
Die Milch is a japanese Duo consisting of Coco, the singer, (pic above) and Mocha (Pic underneath)who plays the violine.
It was funny since the moderation of Coco between the songs was a bit random but also cute since she tried to speak german :D Rosaria is one of my favourite songs from them!
We had a lot of fun at the afterparty but we headed home shortly after the last concert. We were dead tired and it took as an hour to get home D:
I also forgot to take a pic of my outfit so therefor you get the pic where I planned it:
Shirt: Killstar //Skirt: Metamorphose // Shoes: H&M// Headbow: AatP
It was a comfortable party Lolita outfit white a awesome gothic vibe to it ^^ 
I hope we will have more awesome teaparties with grear after-teaparty-parties! Even though it was a really exhausting weekend it was definitely worth it <3
Next up is our Bring&Buy from the following day!

Stay tuned!



  1. I've alwayas wanted to go to a Burlesque show! It seems amazing. Nana and Eve are a pair of cuties and I didn't know about Die Milch, only that they performed with Lolita Complex in Japan. Love your ouija shirt!

    1. It is amazing seeing the girls perform full of joy on the stage!
      Both are awesome bands you should give a try:)
      Thank you <3

  2. You guys had so much fun! I wish events like this happened where I live ~

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

    1. Oh yes!
      Maybe you should try organizing one yourself :D

  3. Klasse Beitrag ♥ :)
    Scheint ein tolles Event gewesen zu sein!

  4. Aw lolita burlesque sounds so cute. I love burlesque shows!