09 März 2015

✿La vie en Rose: Triple Fortune Fashion show ✿

Hello lovelies,

now onto the last fashion show of this event: the Triple Fortune Fashion Show! 
Many lolitas know the brand for their huge decorated bonnets but it also got beautiful dresses, corsages and more. Take a look!

I love the blood print on the skirt and the tights! I know the most associate Guro Lolita with it which in my opinion is just a Halloween costume. I would totally wear this print for more than just Halloween^-^
I am so in love with this print <3 Lilac, white and the bits of orange from the butterflies just get so well together!
Chokelate, the owner of Lockshop, sponsored the wigs for this fashion show! She looks like a doll in the babyblue coordinate:)
Even though I do not like rosy outfits I think she looks like as she popped out of a fairy tale! Dreamy and princesslike :o
Last but not least  we saw lovely Duplica from Team Austria and Ludwig from France as cute couple on the runway :3
I hope you liked the fashion show pictures!
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Next up is my LVER haul and the BtSSB teaparty I attended the following day :)