25 März 2015

Trendlove #17: Pastel & cozy


Hello lovelies, 

some time ago I made this post about winter fashion that caught my eye. The people I chose wore mostly black outfits with a colourful eye-catcher. They also combined different materials like leather and velvet.
Now that winter is gone and spring is right the corner I would like to show you some cute outfits which combine pastel colours with little bits of black and are pretty suitable for spring days ~

A good example is the outfit above! The knitted dress looks so comfy and makes it even cuter with the black hearts on it! The outfit is pretty simple and casual but you may know lilac and black are my favourite colour combination so I really love this outfit :)
In my opinion this looks a bit more grown up because of the cut of the coat and the black shoes. But trough the pastel colours, the lovely braids and the bag with the ode to her mom it gets cuter! I also love the blush under her eyes ^.^
This girl wears a cute shirt with a rose fluffy coat but balances it well with the black accessories. I think she did it really well! I adore her fluffy beret and her earrings :D
This girl really knows haw to accessorise an outfit! The buttons on her bordeaux-coloured jacket, her gloves and the scarf give some pastel bits to her look and really cutes it up :)
Berets are for me the perfect headwear for colder days of spring or autumn so I wear them often to meetups in these seasons. They are also so versatile and easy to combine with different styles. This girl is making a really sweet coordinate with her fluffy clothing in lavender!

What do you wear on those last cold days?
More pastel colours or do you prefer black in black?


  1. Ich liebe ja schwarz in schwarz, aber das schwarz aufzubrechen ist auch einfach sehr schön. :)
    Ich finde das erste Outfit wirklich toll, das würd ich glatt auch so tragen. Lange, gemütliche Pullover sind für mich an kalten Tagen einfach perfekt.