19 März 2015

✿Baby the stars shine bright Teaparty in Paris ✿

Hello lovelies,

last but not least comes my post about the Teaparty in Paris, yay! After getting our luggage dragged it to Fauchon, the Café where all took place. In the waiting row we got our outfits fixed and we were ready to be let in. I have to say I was really nervous even though it was my third international teaparty ^^'
This was lovely Team Austria! I love how we match each other :)
Because the teaparty was valentine themed everyone had the opportunity to write real life valentines for other Lolitas! Maybe you know this page? Like this but not just on the internet :)
These are some of the sweets we got there . . yep I ate a lot of sweet stuff this day. I already was graving for something salty xD
Anyway now onto my outfit:

Hat: self pimped // Wig: Lockshop // JSK: Alice and the Pirates // Underdress: Souffle´s Song //
Belt: secondhand // Shoes: Deichmann // Trunk: self  // Necklace: Grimoire
Usually I wanted to use another necklace but I tried it on and I thought it suits so perfectly I can immediately wear it :D Ahh I love it, it is so perfect!
Here is a part of the lovely print of the Pirate Pattern JSK from Alice and the Pirates! It has roses, bows, birds, cute characters lik Alice and a lot of ornaments on it!
Every Lolita got a lovely sticker set from Baby the stars shine bright which you can buy here and a post card from Loputyn! I really like her style of art and those lovely, cute but morbid motives.
All in all I had a good time there. Why not the best? I caught a bad cold and had no voice at all so my conversation at the teaparty were minimal . . but the sense of a teaparty is to get to know people, right?
I hope I will not be ill at the next teaparty so I can enjoy it more :)

Thank you everyone for the lovely time - special thanks to Team Austria~