12 März 2015

✿La vie en Rose: My purchases ✿

Hello lovelies,

as promised here is my haul from LVER! Somehow I only bought jewelry x) I do not know why but I guess it has something to do with my love for jewelry and especially for brooches :D

This was the first I bought! It is the Celestial Kingdom necklace in white from Grimoire. The first time I saw it at Chiffonrose and totally fell in love with it but thought it would be too expensive for just a necklace . .well in real it is like 10 times more beautiful *O*
These 2 necklaces are from Lorina Liddell or Tokimeki Teikoku from Momoiro Gabriel. The little ghost or tooth (?) caught my eye with its cute smile and the adorable crown :3 The bunny on the spoon is as cute as the other necklace! I love the real looking dripping fluid at the tip of the spoon :)
At Moss Märchen´s booth I bought a necklace with off-white flowers for my inner classic Lolita and the other on for my inner Pastelgoth :D I love the loads of details in both necklaces!
From Syrup.  I bought this lovely choker! It got everything I adore: it is lavender, has a soft material, has a bow, the heart is melting and made of pearllike material - perfect! I am looking forward to coordinating it with gothy stuff to do some Pastelgoth outfits:D
Finally I had the chance to buy a necklace from Li-Paro, a german Indie label. I really like that she is working with dried flowers! There is so much effort put in :o
I always yearned for brooches from the brand Peppermint Fox since I found them on the world wide web. You know it is all over with me when I see accessories with bunnies and foxes so forgive me xD No, I love the fox so much it is so cuute <3
Loads of flyer, autogramms, a bow, lovely buttons from Btssb and Aatp, a brooch from LVER and more were in the valentines bag I had with Yaya :)

I guess my preferences concerning jewelry are clear: bronze classic stuff, lavender accessories I can combine with pastelgothy outfits, bunnies and foxes and crowns :D
After LVER I decided to buy a skirt from Cloudberry Lady´s new series Moonlight Dance! I dig the blue-green colourway and the print because I think it is unusual and I love that :D

What did you buy at LVER?
Which one of my accessories would you also buy? Which one definitely not?
Let me know in the comments!



  1. I am so in love with everything *_*
    But brooches are my favorite ones.
    I did not buy much on LveR, but had lotsa fun anyway ^_^

  2. Me too :D
    That is the most important part ^_^