06 März 2015

✿La vie en Rose: Fashion show #2 ✿

Hello lovelies,

the second fashion show was from the special guest Baby the stars shine bright! As in the previous post stated this one also contains selected pics. So if you want to see more go to my fb album: *click*
I love the steampunky  and oldschool vibe in this outfit :) The shoes and the bag are big love too <3
Masumi Kano presented a lacy dress pastel colours and a lot of flowers - really romantic!
Baby the stars shine bright is famous for their 'Alice in Wonderland'- inspired outfits and dresses! The girl looks so happy with her white rabbit =:3
Mila, one of the organizer of LVER looks like an elegant princess in this off-white and rosy outfit!
I am not completely sure if I like this dress or not. But there is something about it that makes it interesting and very innovative!

Over all I saw beautiful coordinates and pieces coming up! There is definitely something included for every girl and style :)
The following post is about the Triple Fortune Fashion Show - stay tuned for more!



  1. Hui, neues Design! Gefällt mir echt super. Sieht süß aus!

    Ansonsten echt tolle Fotos von der Show. Mir gefällt euer Stil echt gut. Obwohl ich es selber nie tragen würde (weil ich einfach eher in eine andere Szene gehöre) schaue ich mir den Lolita-Style irgendwie am liebsten an. :D

    1. Danke, war mal Zeit für Neues :)

      Vielen Dank! Wenn du es mal ausprobierst und selber anziehst, wirst sicher auch begeistert davon sein :D

    2. Haha, aber ob mein Freund damit was anfangen kann.... :D