24 November 2014

~ Viennese Winter GLT 11/2014 ~ /Laloam

Hello lovelies,

2 weeks ago was a Lolita Meet up in Vienna! We went to see the clock museum :)
I like clocks and especially the old elegant ones with a lot of ornaments and embellishments.
I show you some of my pictures I made there:
What a beautiful pocket watch! I love the flower details around the clock face.
Here I like the ornament between the numerals ^.^
This one was the smalles clock of the exhibiton! They put a thimble to show how small it is^^ I love how my camera captured it however :D
Colourful and with an awesome shape :)
We made a pretty improvised group pic xD
For more outfits of the other ladies follow the link here: *click*
Now let us take a look onto my outfit:
Beret: ??? // Wig: Lockshop Wigs// Necklace: Innocent World // Bolero: Medusa Couture // JSK: Bodyline // Belt: ??? // Tights: New Yorker // Leg Warmers: Claire´s // Shoes: Bodyline
It was a comfy and spontaneous outfit but I liked it because I felt quite cute without being to sweet or leaving my comfort zone ^^
It was a really awesome day with super girls! Sadly my right shoe decided to leave me while we went to the museum. Well, we were there in the richest area and there was not any shop which sold some glue xD After some time asking in some shops it finally fell off and I went around without that part xD
I bought a shoe glue to fix my sole :D From now on I will be the one having always a shoe glue with me to a meet up :D

I hope you liked my Laloam (Lolita at least once a Month)!
Concrit and praise is welcome :)



  1. You're so adorable! ♡
    Like you said, the outfit is cute and comfy looking and can tell you feel like home with it. ^___^

    That kind of museum would be a really interesting place to visit, the older clocks are so pretty and they are really a work of art, everything had to be made especially and not like some crappy modern clocks. x)

    Would love to have a really old pocket watch. ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Aaawww, thank you <3

      Yes, I agree totally with you! There are more details and of course so much effort had been put in to make them!