20 November 2014

Kawaiibox: October & November

Hello lovelies,
it is time for the Kawaii Box reviews from October and November! I have to admit I was really happy about the October Box but not satisfied with the November one :/
Let us have a look:
The October Kawaii box contained:
~ dog gift card               ~ Hello Kitty pen
~ pink pouch                 ~ small towel
~ bunny stickers           ~ fluffy kitty charm
~ jewelry seal pearls      ~ Rilakkuma squishy
~ bonbon hair ties         ~ cat sharpener
~ Puccho candy
I love nearly all things from the box :D
Look, sooo cuute <3
My pupils love the stickers too ^.^
I just cannot decide where I should put the kitty charm onto! It is so cute I want to take it everywhere with me xD
I like 9 out of 11 items which is much :D
Let us have a look onto the November Kawaii Box:
It contained:
~ zipper bracelet              ~ sticker notes
~ Macaron charm box     ~ Pocky
~ Panda stickers              ~ Mini Calender in sheep form
~ 'OMG'-charm               ~ Pusheen plush charm
~ 'My Melody'-socks        ~ decoration sticker
I think the Macaron charm is cute but somehow a little bit too much for me ^^
The panda stationery and the little notes are really cute! I also like the deco stickers in the dusty pink colour.
All in all I like 6 from 10 items. I am not sure if I can use the socks because they fit from 22-24 japanese shoe size and I got 24.5:/
As I mentioned above I like the little macaroon box but it smells really chemical .
The box is okay for me but I do not like the flashy plastic stuff like the bracelet or the gaudy pink 'OMG'-charm.

What do you think about the boxes?
I guess some also liked the stuff I did not like but I think because I loved the October  Box that much I was disappointed from the following one^^



  1. Ich find die vom November auch nicht schlecht, aber die vom Oktober ist halt besonders toll ^.^

  2. Ich muss dir da zustimmen. Die Box vom Oktober scheint echt besser zu sein, als die vom November. Woher kriegt man eigentlich diese Kawaii-Boxen? Ist das etwas, das man abonniert?

    1. Ja, das ist eine Abo Box, die man entweder für 1, 3 Monate oder längere Zeit bestellen kann :)
      Das ist der Link, falls es dich interessiert: http://www.kawaiibox.com/

    2. Ah, danke. Selber bin ich zwar nicht daran interessiert so eine Box zu abonnieren, habe aber schon auf vielen anderen Blogs eben diese Kawaii-Boxen gesehen und hatte bisher nie gelesen (evtl. auch überlesen) woher die eigentlich kommen :D