09 November 2014

Instagram: August & September

Hello lovelies,

long time no Instagram update! So I am doing it now :D I did not have really time in these 2 months so there are just 5 pics. I had lots of stress with finding a new flat and moving in there but I did not forget to take some pics^.^
The shot above is from the short vacation my bf and me had in August:)
August was also Summerbreeze-time! Or should I say Summerfreeze? It was not my first time at a festival in August but this time it was freezing D:
Nevertheless it was awesome and I would like to go there next year too :D
I had a relaxing time at home in Linz, redyed my hair andput on an anti-stress mask . . the first week in my new job was exhausting but exciting! The face mask smelled like chocolate and soothed my stressed skin :)
Yaaaaaay! I am now Bachelor of Education! I shortly celebrated with my family and sparkling wine at home in Linz and went back by train to Vienna :D
On  my way home from my work I discovered this awesome balcony! I love those old architecture in Vienna so much with all its curlicues and ornaments <3 I am glad to find these vintage designs on nearly every house down the road where I live^-^ Someday I take my camera with me and pic all the beautiful details out there \^o^/

I hope your August and September were not that stressfull as mine!



  1. I looove instagram! ♥ ♥
    Never really gotten into twitter, but insta is good.. ^__^

    It's really understandable when being busy, it's just too busy for social media, where need to be all over the place all the time..especially when there's stress, don't need any more stress on top of it! :P

    Hope everything is more relaxed from now on and yes, you definetly need to take pictures of the beautiful architecture! ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Me too! I somehow do not really like twitter xD
      Yep, when I am stressed I lose sight of my social media accounts so Instagram is pretty quiet for some time but now I can start off again :)
      Weee someone likes Vienniese architecture too, yay ♥♥

  2. Übersehe ich es gerade, oder was ist dein Instagram-Name??? Will dich followen ^^

    1. Bei den Kontaktdaten hab ich es drinnen^^
      punkangel93 heiß ich auf insta :)