16 November 2014

~ Topswap - 26.10.14 ~

Hello lovelies,
recently I was at a 'Topswap'-event in magdas Hotel in Vienna. There you can bring 5 of your own clothes or accessories and swap them with new stuff you like for a little service charge. I had the chance to be one of their photographer so I was allowed to take pics and swap my clothes for free!
The culinary acommodation was also really good! Look at that muffin from Miss Chocoholic:
Here are some more pictures I made if you are interested in the event: *click*
I really got some awesome stuff for me! Do you want to see? If not then look away :P
First I found a shirt and a vest suitable for Mori Kei! I like the lace and the ruffles a lot :)
My punky-gothy side did not miss out! I got an awesome studded leather bolero and a black shirt I also may wear for some fifties inspired outfits.
And I found this beauty I never thought of getting there: a underbust belt
It is worn like that:*click*
I am looking forward doing a lot of awesome steampunk and lolita outfits with it  <3

So it was really funny and awesome for me to get there awesome findings! Sadly my bf did not find anything for himself. As you can see there are nearly always a lot of women but less men swapping their stuff!

I hope I can join the next time too :)


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