05 November 2014

★ Review: Medusa Couture ★

Hello lovelies,
as I mentioned in this post here is the review about Medusa Couture :) This label is located in Switzerland and is from Mara, the author from Fashion Fairytales & Sewing Secrets. She sells selfmade lolita fashion and accessories on her Etsy Shop and on Facebook.

I contacted Mara on Facebook because I wanted to buy some other stuff from her too. She always wrote back and answered all my questions - no problems here :)

Now onto the pieces I bought from her:
~ Frilly Collar in white
~ Comtesse Bonnet in leather black
The collar and the Bonnet are from Medusa Couture.
These are the lovely tags from Maras label every piece of her got!
I love the leather look! It is also available in white or bordeaux and with cotton fabric if you do not like it. You can also get the matching collar or a bag: *click* *click*
For more pics of me wearing the bonnet click here: *click*

Now onto the collar:
It is as well made as the bonnet! I could not find any flaws, lose threads or something like that.
I did not have the chance to wear it until now but it decorates my dress form with my Summer Breeze Shirt :)
So all in all I am happy with my pieces!
I think Mara has reasonable prices because she makes everything herself and puts a lot of effort in it. She shipped them on the same day I paid - she is really quick! Further I paid with Paypal and it arrived in less than a week.
Everything was wonderful wrapped in blue tissue paper and shipped in a stable parcel.
Quick and good prices - 

I definitely support the new indie label with some more purchases :) I would love to get the Calliope JSK or the Duchesse Bonnet! The Comtesse Bonnet acquired my taste for Bonnets in general :D
I hope my review was helpful for you!
What do you think about Medusa Couture and its pieces?
Let me know your opinion in the comments!


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