10 August 2014

What a thorny dude :D

Hello lovelies,

recently I had the opportunity to take pics of a rarely seen animal because it is nocturnal. This little guy fell in the cucumber bed of my mum and did not find out. So we helped together to get the hedgehog out:
Of course it curled up because it was scared ^.^
 Look at this cuuuuuute noose :D
After some time it came out and looked even cuter:3
It blinked so cute when I took the pics. The sound the camera made scared it a bit :D
Therefor I did not want to try to touch it even though I wanted to feel the spikes of a hedgehog^^
It also makes me sad to know that I will not have the possibilities in Vienna to get nature that close . . but just let us see ^-^
Nevertheless it was a great experience to see an hedgehog from that near <3

Do you got similar experiences with an hedgehog?



  1. Aaaws...hedgehogs are so adorable! Love em ❤
    Too bad you live in a such place where there are not that much nature. :/

    In my previous home some years ago I had this hedgehog who always came by to our backyard so I fed it alittle. They usually are somewhat scaed and if you touch them, they will go to the round spiky ball. Aaws~

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. When I am moving to Vienna I will not have the possibilities like here anmymore:(

      Wow, what a wonderful experience! I think it is the magic of nature that shows sometimes :D

  2. Igel sind so niedlich. :3 Mein Nachbar füttert seine Katzen draußen auf einem leeren Grundstück, was etwas seltsam ist, aber da sah ich auch schon öfter welche. :D
    Ich hab dich für den Liebster Award nominiert, näheres dazu findest du auf meinem Blog. :3 http://www.pastelpinkworld.blogspot.co.at/

    1. Okay, ja das ist eigenartig xD Weißt du wieso er das macht?
      Dankeschön <3

    2. Mir wurde deine Antwort nicht angezeigt, daher sorry für die späte Antwort meinerseits >-<
      Ach, mein Nachbar ist einfach etwas seltsam, leider werden auch Nacktschnecken angelockt :/
      Und gerne, gerne :)