24 August 2014

Instagram: June & July

Hello lovelies,

it is time for an Instagram update again! This time I chose the summer months to show them together :)
The picture above shows you my favourite food in summer: berries! Strawberries, blueberries, gooseberries and brambleberries are my favourite, I do not like raspberries D:
I saw these awesome tea spoons at a fleamarket I visited. You can see my haul here: *click*
Back then I thought it would be a waste to buy them because I would not need them. Right now it would not be that bad if I would have them - cute cutlery for my new own home!
I also had some time to read some books I got for christmas xD Better late than never, right? This one is a diary from a woman who made a strict shopping diet. It is really inspiring! Through her I avoid buying from H&M and similar shops and try to extend my love for fleamarkets, secondhandshops and selfmade stuff :)
In the beginning of July I was in Cologne to see Babymetal :D It was so cool to be there and meet the 3 dutch dudes: *click* I love my merch stuff to death :D
A culinary insight of my weekend in Styria :) For more impressions of the nature there click here: *click*
These are some lovely shoes I bought in July <3 I love the buckles and their versatileness! I can imagine wearing them to Gothic, Punk, Classic, Kuro, Aristocrat, Pirate or Casual Lolita outfits :) And a biiig advantage is they are so comfortable!
I already wore them to a Mini J-Fashion Meet Up at a local Con: *click*
I also got my first Kawaii Box in July and I was so excited to see what is inside :D You can find my review here: *click* This month´s Kawaii Box was also awesome, do you want to see some pics?

How was your summer?
This year August is already autumnal for me even though my birthday is in August and I would have loved to have good weather on my day. But one cannot have everything, right?