12 August 2014

Thank God, a Festival again :)

Hello lovelies,

it is finally time for a festival again for me :) I really missed it this year because when Nova Rock was I was occupied with my university stuff and Frequency does not have a line up which I like apart from Macklemore xD
Some of my friends had the plan to go to Summer Breeze in Germany. Well, I looked through the confirmed bands and felt a tiny yearning . . some days later I went again trough the line up and felt more motivation than befor. I guess that was the point when I asked my dudes if they got a free place for me in one of the cars :)

Here is the line up if you want to look at it too: *click*
I already saw some of the bands on other festivals but that is no problem for me ^.^

So it is time for me to leave and meet my friends to start our festival journey!
I hope you will have as much fun as I will have (hopefully xD) there :)
Stay tuned for a short report!

Till sunday <3


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