06 August 2014

Cute and punky ~♥ // Mini Meet up

Hello lovelies,
I am back from a short holiday in Bad Schallerbach! My boyfriend and me went there to relax and get some new energy to cope with the upcoming stress^^
Before Yaya and me organized a Meet Up in Linz. We were a small group but it was really enjoyable to get to know everyone better:
We went to Madame Wu! This is a really cute tea saloon where we enjoyed melon ice tea and other fancy stuff:
I got a Okara chocolate cake with strawberry dip. Okara is a soy product which I did not know before. But I liked the cake and its fluffyness :D

Now onto my outfit:
Studded Alice band: ebay // Attachable Collar: Bijou Brigitte // Shirt: Babymetal concert // Belt: ??? // Skirt: Bodyline // Tights: ??? // Shoes: Bodyline
I wanted to do a punky but yet a Lolita outfit so I added the collar to make it more elegant^^
This Meet Up I wore green and black eyeliner! I really like it even though my eyes do not look that green as always ^.^
I added some fancy rings :D The melty heart is from Chocomint and the star ring is from Claire´s.
The black claw ring is from a fleamarket and the frog ring I absolutely adore is from Chocomint :D
Cute and punky ~
How do you like my outfit?
I really like those little meets with not too many people :)



  1. The outfit is really nice, more casual, rock and good for summer, really cute too ❤
    I looove the rings! *___* The eyeliner looks really cool btw. :)

    Smaller meetups are really nice if usually attends bigger ones. Can really talk to everyone and not chatting in a small separate groups. The atmosphere is usually more casual too and not so formal :)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Awwww thank you :*

      Yes, I am also used to the bigger Meet Ups but sometimes, especially the ones in Linz, are smaller and have a more personal atmosphere :)