23 August 2014

Summerbreeze 2014 :)

Hello there,

I am back from the Summerbreeze Festival and survived the ensuing week which was full of work, still searching for a flat and my birthday. But let us just talk about the festival itself, the other topics are coming soon :)

It was my first festival abroad (Germany) with a lot more people (39.000 o.O) than on Nova Rock or Freqency in Austria! 
Also 8 guys accompanied me, so I was the only girl of the group - another funny experience :D
First of all we drove 5 hours with all the traffic jams to get there. Then we got our festival wrist bands:
I really like the colour combination! Sadly I had to cut off the part with the skulls because it was too long :(
I have to complain about the weather! This was my first festival where I was freezing because it was so cold and it rained nearly always D: In the pic above I captured a rare ray of sunlight!
Through the humid weather there was mud nearly everywhere. . the first pic shows you my poor dirty shoes DX
There were a lot of bands so we also went there in the late evening/ night to see some of them. One of my friends had the awesome idea to take some glow sticks with us so that we do not lose each other :) To a group of 9 this happens often and as sideeffect it looked fancy too :D
So, I really enjoyed the festival even though we had some weird tent neighbours who played all kinds of music genres but not metal (on a metal festival) and that it was ice cold and always rainy.
Nevertheless I would definitely go there with my awesome group <3



  1. Sounds like a huuuge festival, but so much fun, even depsite the weather! ❤ ^___^
    Never been to a festival abroad and would especially like to visit some metal, gothic or some other alternative genre one in germany, there's so many great ones and they are all huge. (don't mind the cheap beer either :P)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Yep, it definitely was!
      If you go to one message me ;D Maybe I´ll go there too :)

  2. ich war dieses jahr auch endlich mal am summer breeze und es hat mir echt gut gefallen ♥
    das nova rock und auch das frequency haben aber weit mehr besucher ;)

    Angy von Upside Down Kingdom