28 Juli 2014

★Review: Kawaii Box★

Hello lovelies,
nearly 2 months ago I subscribed to the Kawaii Box! As you may guess this box comes every month with 10-12 kawaii items from Japan and Korea. I thought about giving it a try and here is the review of the Kawaii Box of July!

I ordered my box on their website  www.kawaiibox.co. You can choose a monthly subscription or do a 3 Month Gift subscription to make someone happy. I chose the monthly subscription, made an account and paid for the first month. You can pay via Paypal and credit card.
I ordered in June so I get my first box on July!
Pretty trouble-free :)

So I show you the content of my first Kawaii Box:
First of all you see a flyer and a cute card:
Really cute card with a cute message <3
And this was hidden inside:
~ Pink bear pouch            
~ Strawberry Charm
~ Bow dust plug in           ~ Hi-Chew in Juicy Peach
~ Strawberry Clips           ~ Macaroon Eraser
~ Cute stickers                 ~ Panda sleeping mask
~ Rilakkuma Charm          ~ Stickmarkers 
~ Panda mechanical pencil
This makes 11 pieces altogether!

I immediately opened the Bow plug in and tried it on my mobile phone! Next was the rilakkuma squishy which actually smells like chocolate when you squish it^^
As you may know I am not a pink liking person but somehow I like the plug in :D But the strawberry clips are too much for me - I guess I know someone who will be happy about them :)
Stickers are always cute when they come from Asia and additionally I loooove stickers in general!
The Macaroon eraser is really funny and works really good. I also love stickmarkers! I use them to cutify my books, learning stuff and more :)
I also tried the Hi-Chew. It is like Maoam in Austria but with fancier flavours. Peach tastes really good!
From all the kawaii stuff I got I will use 9 from 11 pieces. The strawberry clips and the pink bear pouch are too pink for me but I really adore the other goodies!

Prize & Shipping:
I paid 18,9$ (~ 14 €uros) inclusive shipping! This is a really awesome price for the kawaii goodies.
The goodies were well packed in a tissue paper and in a stable cardboard box.
It is not that good that it arrives nearly at the end of the month but the shipping from Singapore takes its time.

I am glad I already did a monthly subscription and I guess I will not regret it^^ The goodies are adorable and help me bring some cuteness in my everyday life :) Now I am looking forward to receiving the next month´s Kawaii Box :D