15 November 2016

Wishlist #2 - Listen Flavor

Hello lovelies,

some of you may know that I am a big fan of Listen Flavor! Of course I am a follower of their blogs (*here* and *here*) so I see the latest clothing collections. Above you can see some pices of their Autumn & Winter Collectin Vol. 4. My last order via www.cdjapan.co.jp is six months old so I was really brave not to order since now^^ As always there are some pieces that caught my eye:
This is the Heart Breaker Blouson which is available in black and lavender. It is already sold out at cdjapan so the link guides you to otakumode.com. First I wanted the dress from the same series but is was sold out immediately. Later they released the jacket and I adore it! I cannot decide which colour I should get. I already got a black velvet bomber jacket from Killstar so I think the lavender one would be better.

Next up is the Metal Bear Hoodie. It is available in white, lavender, black and red. I love how the stuff girl from the Listen Flavor shop in Harajuku styled the hoodie! It is cute but still dark and edgy as I like it. But I am not sure if I would wear it that much since it is also a bit on the childish site D:
Following is the Evil Cutie Pentagram Hoodie. It is available in black, red, baby blue and vanilla but it is sold out on cdjapan and otakumode!! I really would like to get it in black so the printn itself would pop more but the baby blue version looks cute too.
This is the Little Devil Coffin Sailor Dress. It is also sold out on both websites where I get my Listen Flavor pieces from. It was available in white, pink, black and red and I wanted the black one of course.
Last but not least I show you the Magic Spell Zip Parka. It is available in black, red and lavender. As usual I am not sure if I should get the lavender or the black one. I already have a long black cardigan so maybe I shoud opt for the lavender one but I am not entirely sure about that.
I also would be interested in the black dress with the big white skull on it but I could not find any informations about it.

All in all I am not sure what I should get for me. I love them all but do not want to have to many demands on my purse^^' I would say out of the 5 pieces I want to get 2 or 3. . which ones would you choose and in which colour?

Help me decide!