13 Dezember 2016

I am back! // Bring&Buy 122016

Hello lovelies,

finally after a month break from blogging I am back! I have to say I missed it but private life did not let me any chance. First I was ill myself, having a cold and not sleeping good is the worst. Then my colleague got ill and I had to do 2 weeks long the work of at least 3 people because so many were ill . . of course I was exhausted of that. Additionally I had a bad headache due to the always changing weather now. Then my boyfriend got to hospital for a planned operation of his paranasal sinuses. It took him way longer to stay in hospital and he still suffers from the pain even though the doctor said he could go home on the same day. 
Oh well, enough rant for now! Onto the pics:
Our Lolita community grabbed the chance to organize a Lolita and J-Fashion Bring&Buy like we had it in April in corporation with a local gothic fleamarket. This time I did not help in the team as usual because my boyfriend and me were not that well.
Mary, Duplica and Mia were there to keep things ticking over :) I brought my stuff and bought also some stuff from Duplica:
A new black, not too poofy petticoat and this Putumayo bag are a new addition to my wardrobe!
Here you can see the kind of piratey print on the bag a bit better. I love the elegant yet punkish touch :D
Even though I bought something I sold enough to earn some money, yay! There were not that many people as usual so I was twice lucky^^

I also have to announce a soon-to-come Giveaway with a cute indie brand! I will publish it this thursday and it will end a week later because I am going to Japan in my winter holidays <3

Stay tuned for it!


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