08 November 2016

★Review: Etude House My Castle Hand Cream★

Hello lovelies,

here is a short review from a lovely hand cream I bought last year in Japan. Yep, last year . . but I loved it so much I bought some other ones for my mom and my sister ^^ I got it directly at an Etude House shop, a Korean skin care brand, but it is also available on amazon or ebay. For myself I bought the 'Forever Rose' House which also has a rose floral fragrance:
I leave the point of Contact out since I bought it in a regular store. Moving on to the quality of the product you can see the lovely packaging above the text. 
The lid of the cream is the roof of the house where you can see small windows, every single roof tile and some cute decoration elements. 
The cream container is pasted with the rose garden and its golden  accents of the fence. 
It is a solid screw closure which closes nicely without any problems. I used this hand cream really a lot and it did not show any signs of use. The cream itself smells heavenly for me since I am a big fan of the rose fragrance. It is slightly lavender but it is clear when it gets on the hands and helps moisturising them.
I am pretty happy with the hand cream and its package!


I bought this at ebay for 13.49$ and free shipping in the scents 'Ice Frozen', a powdery, floral fragrance and 'Sweet Cookie' which got a warm, sweet vanilla scent. I did not try out 'Pink Wish', it should have a sweet and fruity fragrance. It is a bit on the pricier side for hand creams but it is cute and it does its job so I am happy. My mom and my sister were also pleased with their new hand creams and really enjoyed the scents of them.


All in all it is a pretty flawless hand cream in 4 different scents so everyone mya find a suiting one for him or her. Since I left out the first category 'Contact' because I bought it in a store there are only 10 stars to reach and I have to say that the Etude House My Castle Hand Cream did that!
What is your opinion to Etude House?
Are you also a lover for cute packaging like me?


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