01 November 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hello lovelies,

life hit me hard so I just could not find any free time to dedicate to my blog. Additionally I caught a persistent cold which did not make it any easier D: Well, now I am out of the woods, feeling waaay better and now I am catching up on everything what was left behind in October. Having time with friends and my boyfriend was also on my  list! Just yesterday we were invited to a Halloween party at a friend of us:
We decided to keep it simple but effective, got us some contact lenses and dressed up as demons from Supernatural <3 I got for me some black ones for the 'common' demon, my bf got some red and black ones for a crossroads demon.
Dress: Killstar // Necklace: Restyle //Tunic: Killstar // Tights: Primark // Shoes: Iron Fist
I liked my outfit for this occasion but all the pics did not turn out great - yay not for awkward stressful posing xD Sorry for that! Maybe I get some better pics from the party itself, we will see:)
The necklace is LOVE! I wanted it since I saw it somewhere on the internet. But I was not sure if I would wear it that often with this writing on it^^ Well, I got it anyway and I am happy with it!
We ordered those contact lenses on Amazon and we had luck finding some with dioptres to match our eyesights! Here is another pic of my bf with his stunning red lenses o.o
When we arrived at the party a guest asked me what my costume was :" You are dressed like always!" Well, thank you! I was not entirely sure if this was something good or not xD Later some girls asked me about my eyes so I guess it was just a coincidence from this one person^^
Thank you for stopping by!
I hope you also had a nice Halloween!



  1. Love that necklace!

    As for Halloween- my fav holiday. Unfortunately this year spent almost entirely at work :/