03 Oktober 2016

Henna #1

Hello lovelies,

do you remember my first experience with Henna tattoos? If not or you have not read it here is the chance to do so: *click* 
After my Henna tattoo from Bulgaria I decided to buy some Henna on my own and decorated my hand myself:

This was my first try at my parents during my vacation there! It escalated a bit but I liked it anyway^^
The latest one is this! I made it to match my Killstar shirt with the Indian goddess Kali on it. She symbolizes death and destruction but also renewal. Henna and India are things that belong together :)
My make-up for that day was concentrated on lips and eyes because I wore a rather boring nearly all black outfit^^ Again I wore 'Riot' from Lime Crime, it lasts really long and I slowly get used to wear colour on my lips :)
Here is another pic of it without to busy background. I really like those dotworks a lot so I often use them in my designs. 
It really does make fun and I am glad I tried it myself!
What do you think about Henna?
Let me know it in the comments!



  1. That's so lovely!!! Now I want one too!

    Your design is so unique, it reminds me of Holy Lantern!

    And you did it by your own? wow!

    How did you make it so vibrant? Last time I got one, it faded so fast =/

    1. Thank you, I did not think on any specific pattern^^
      It lasts really long, I did not expect that too!
      Thank you for your nice comment :)