17 Oktober 2016

My first LUSH Haul ♡

Hello lovelies,

I recently went to LUSH for the first time! I always wanted to go there but thought it is really expensive for me as a student and I did not take that many baths when I lived at my parents. Now I have my own flat, more money and I like to take baths for relaxing or when I am not feeling that well. Additionally Halloween is the best time there and I admired their seasonaly collections a lot.
These are all the things I got:
~ Intergalactic Bathbomb: *click*
~  Boo Oil Bath: *click*
~ Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bath: *click*
~ Butterbear Bathbomb: *click*
~ Sample of Dark Angels Face Cleanser: *click*
I am really looking forward to turning my bath water into the galaxy itself! I really like it scent of peppermint, grapefruit and cedarwood.
The little ghost looked too cute to leave it there, don't you think so too? I think I never tried an oil bath so I am also interested in trying this one. It is made out of cocoa butter, ginger and some more flowers.
I was not sure if I really should buy this one but it  smelled so good! Actually it is a little pumpkin but the stem got somehow lost. Now it looks like a sparkly roll xD I am not a fan of glitter on my body except on my eye lids sometimes but the vendor said the glitter stays in the water and not on my skin. . I am curious to try it out!
Last but not least I got this cute Butterbear. It is a bathbomb, bear-shaped, made of cocoa butter and smells sooo nice! I was really surprised I paid around 20 €uro for those 4 bathing supplies and everything is handmade, made of biological products, 100% vegetarian and they do not support animal testing.
I did not have tried out one yet because there was not enough time or I did not want one of them to be gone xD

What do you think of LUSH and its products?


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