02 Oktober 2014

'Picture my Day' -Day #16: Moving Edition

Hello lovelies,

I finally have the chance to post again . . well I am now in an internet cafe to do this post but oh well xD It is something, right?
We get our internet fixed on wednesdays, so wait for me and stay tuned till then :)
Chaosmacherin initiated the pmdd#16, for more information click on the link!
So, let´s start the day:
My wonderful view when I wake up. Some empty packing cases we piled up to save some space xD

Good morning, Internet ;D Ready to do a lot of stuff!
 I cleaned up the kitchen and forgot to take a afterward pic -__-
Then I went to the registration office. Me and my hun are now Viennese people ^-^
I found some awesome stuff for us in several shops: The bath shelf and the key storage are from 'Dänisches Bettenlager', the rest is from SEWA.
I love those frames and they were not that expensive: 3 €uros for one <3
I also liked everything cupcake themed at SEWA so I took a useful magnetic memopad with me :D So noone can say it is useless and I only bought because of the cupcakes on it :P
 My bf came home, we had a quick meal which I forgot to picture and afterwards we 'built' our new shower shelf for all the shampoos and stuff we have :)
In the meantime I planted our first herbs: chives, thyme and basil! I love to have my own flowers and herbs :3
We also made a short trip to the SCS Vösendorf, a gigantic shopping mall where we bought some stuff at Ikea.
Around 8 p.m we were at home D: After a hot shower I fell into the bed and slept like a stone ^.^

So, it was a hard but productive day! I liked it and so it was a good day :)
I guess I will be back on next wednesday when we finally have our internet back <3



  1. Die Cupcake Sachen vom Sewa sind echt so toll ; ^ ; und ich kanns kaum erwarten die fertige Wohnung zu sehen :3

    1. Ich bin schon echt in Versuchung die Küche Cupcakethmed zu machen XD
      Ich auch xD Freu mich, wenn die Herumräumerei mal vorbei ist D: