27 September 2014

Kawaiibox: August & September

Hi lovelies,

I am back again with 2 short reviews of the Kawaii Box! If you remember the review of the Kawaii Box in July and liked it you will be now happy to see the contents of the August and September Kawaii Box too :D
The Augst Kawaii Box contained:
~ 'Kracie Popin Cooking'           ~ Cute letter paper
~ Panda key chain                   ~ Nail Art stickers
~ Macaroon phone charm         ~ Melon pouch
~ Giraffe key chain                  ~ Kumamon key chain
~ Cute Cupcake ring                ~ Rilakkuma notes (only in the first pic)
~ Set of pencils, rubbers and a sharpener
Altogether 11 items!
I really adore the Macaroon charm even though it is not my colour! But I think it really looks petite and like a eatable one :) Sadly it smells really chemical which is not the best smell I like to have . .
Here you can see the cute Rilakkuma notes and the lovely melon pouch! 
All in all I do not need/like the ring and the Kumamon key chain. The ring is just not my style and I think Kumamon looks really ugly xD I am not sure if I can use the Giraffe key chain and the panda one but they 2 are not that bad. 
I noticed that in this months box were a lot of key chain stuff. 5 out of the 11 pieces can be worn so.
All in all I am happy with the content :)

Kawaii Box: September
I got the Box on my examination day, so it was a welcomed reward after my exam :) Look at all the cute stuff!
This Kawaii Box contained:
~ stickers                          ~ travelling pouch for cards
~ Nail Decoration                ~ Shoelace
~ Chi phone plug in             ~ Loom bands set
~ Mint Usamimi                 ~ Cat Notebook
~ Donut phone charm         ~ Alparcasso backpack
~ Rilakkuma pie sticks        ~ Ice cream squishie
Altogether 12 pieces in the September Box!
Here you can see the cute Alpacasso mini backpack and the Rilakkuma pie sticks! I am looking forward to using them! The sticks should taste like apple pie :3
I love this cute DonutxBear thingie <3 I cannot decide where I should add it to :D In the left corner of the pic you can see those Nail decoration pieces which are little fruit slices of kiwis, apples, grapes and many more.

Well, I was not that amused when I took out the ice cream squishie out of its plastic wrap. It smelled really toxic and it already had some signs of use(?) Even though it is not that bad for me because I  do not like its colour but that should not occur to any Kawaii Box or such Boxes in general.

Anyway I will not use 3 of the 13 items: the ice cream squishie, the moustachy shoelace and the card pouch. They are definitely not my colour but I know a lot of people who would love to get them :)

I hope you liked my short review of the Kawaii Boxes of the last 2 months! Be prepared for some 'Kracie cookin' soon :D



  1. Omg, this is really cute!!! I loved the lilac alparkasso! *o*~

    1. It really made me happy to have somehting from Alparcasso in a Kawaii Box :)

  2. Iiih~ everything is so adorable! ❤
    I love these subscription boxes and especially the alpacasso and donut are the cutest! ^___^

    ..the icecream squishie thing is really weird though :o

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. I totally agree with you, they are also my highlight :)

      Yes, I am glad I did not like it anyway so it was no problem for me to throw it away^^

  3. Donut-Bär ist wirklich süß :3