03 September 2014

Little rant - Work/Exam/Home

Hej there lovelies,
it is time for little rant from my side. Everything gets too much now for me, so I write about it and also tell you my situation why I do not have time to make some new pics and stuff.
To cheer me and you up I put some pics of my kitties from the meanwhile gone summer D: (another thing that stresses me out)

Well, I start with my new work. I really like my colleages, everyone is friendly and tries to help me get into it! The place is also big, modern and clean - so no problem there :)
Well I got 4 subjects I have not studied but oh well xD I guess for that stress I feel I should blame my stress anyway.
I have my last exam in 2 weeks and have to learn for that but I do not want to neglect my duty from my new work. Furthermore I do not get any answer from my professor if my questions I had to make for him are okay or not. If not it would be senseless to learn them now ;_;
So either I learn my questions which still need affirmation from my professor and feel save because I do something for the exam or I do not learn them and wait until he replies (but that can take ages) and have then just one week left D:
Additive to that my boyfriend and me still have to find a flat until october -.- We are just looking since july, so not that long, right? *sarcasm off* I am so fed up searching for a flat..the one third does not answer any mails or calls, the second third is meh or not affordable and the last third are all the other flats we did not have a chance to get them xD Well, this was harsh now but it feels like that..*drama queen at this topic*
I do not like to have no real 'home'. The most of my belongings is still at home and I miss my family and kitties ;_;
Well, I think I learn my questions for the exam now. It will not get better if I wait I guess and if my professer wants to change a lot I tell him what is on my mind.
What would you do?

I am really thankful if you read my little problem rant till the end and can give me any advice :)
I hope you like the picures!


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  1. Ich hab eine ähnliche "Wohnsituation", bloß in Süddeutschland. Am meisten regt mich auf das die Leute sich nicht melden! *rage*
    Ich weiß nicht wie es bei euch ist, aber unsere Professoren waren immer sehr verständnisvoll, wenn wir eine schwierige Lebensituation hatten. Vielleicht habt ihr auch einen Seelsorger bei der Arbeit oder der Uni? Die können einen auch weiter helfen.