16 Oktober 2014

Tutorial: modifying Shirts with tight collars

Hi there, 

here is a short, quick and easy tutorial for you :) Some of you may know the high sometimes tight collars on shirts. Somehow it happens to me I only buy bandshirts with that kind of collar D:
I hate them because I wear every day a necklace and in my opinion it would not fit with this high collar.
So what do we need for this minimal modification?
~ T-shirts you want to change
~ Good scissors
~ some fixing pins (optional)
I started with the shirt lying flat. Then I placed the side seams of the shirt on each other so I can see the front and the back of the shirt collar. The love heart patterned part is the front of this shirt, the white one is the back.
Then I cut along the present collar to make sure not making it too wide:
Et voilà, nearly done!
The last step: Pull gently on the collar so the fabric doest this curl like shown in the pic above. You do not need to serge anything and it also hides little mistakes if you cut uneven ;D
Now the direct comparison:

The 'normal' neckline
The new neckline with a fancy necklace

It is really simple and you can decide how much you want to cut off. You can also do an offshoulder shirt ^.^
It is so simple and now I wear my 'new' shirts more often :3
Who else did this already? What do you think of it?
Let me know in the comments and thank you for reading!



  1. Ich eliminiere auch oft die Kragen, finde das sieht einfach viel schöner aus bei Damen-Shirts :)

  2. Das muss ich auch mal mit ein Paar meiner T-Shirts machen. Ich trage sie deswegen nicht so gerne, weil mich der Kragen stört, aber gleichzeitig habe ich Angst die T-Shirts zu versauen XD

    1. Hatte ich anfangs auch, aber wenn du es dir vorzeichnest und feststeckst kann gar nicht so viel schief gehen :)