23 September 2014

Better times are here again ;D

Hello lovelies,

things quite have changed during my unintended Blogging break! 
First of all: My boyfriend and I finally found a flat! It is so beautiful and near to my working place and has a good transport connection which is important when you live in Vienna :D
I cannot tell how happy I was when we got the confirmation mail earlier as expected! I was happy to have a confirmation anyway but that early was even better :D
Now I am so relieved that I do not have to search for a flat at least for 4 years and I am just looking forward to the moving in at the end of September :)

Next I had my last exam and now I am Bachelor of Education :D This thursday is my academic ceremony where I get my bachelors degree awarded - no more learning for me :D

I also got used to my daily routine at work and I really really love it! On my way to it or when I am working I am glad I made the decision to come here even though when it is hard to get up! I  do not feel tired even I definitely have a lack of sleep . . I guess it was the right choice to study it and to come to Vienna :)
So, next week is the Picture my Day -Day #16 on the 1st October! This is the exact date when I am moving into the new flat. So I will the opportunity and make some pics of my day :)
I was also able to make some pics in my little but existing freetime so there will be new and regular posts (again) :)

I hope you looking forward to it as much as I do it ;D



  1. Glückwunsch zur Wohnung :) und auch zum Abschluss!! Was hast du denn studiert? :)

    1. Dankeschön² :)
      Ich bin jetzt Neue Mittelschulpädagogin!

  2. Deine Kaaatze! *_*
    Auf deine Umzugs-pmd-Bilder bin ich dann ja mal gespannt. Ich mag Umzüge. Solange ich nicht helfen muss haha :D
    Ich hätte auch total Lust mitzumachen. Bin an dem Tag aber nicht daheim.. Meinst du es ist okeh 'nen Tag später zu posten? Bestimmt oder?! Ich hab dazu auf der Seite nichts gefunden.

    1. Ja, er war nicht so erfreut, als ich im mit dem Klicken der Kamera aus dem Schlaf gerissen habe :D
      Ich hoffe, ich habe kein allzu großes Chaos dann in der Wohnung und es sind die Bilder wert sie zu posten xD
      Ich glaub nicht, dass das ein Problem wäre, ist eben deiner mit minimaler Verspätung erst im Netz :)

  3. Biiiig congratulations dear! It's so amazing that you finished your school! Wohooo!! :D
    Happy about the apartment too, looks like it's really going well and glad to hear that you enjoy working. It's so much more than work, even with the lack of sleep etc, but it's a reason to go out, meet people, talk to someone and it lively ups life. ❤

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Thank you! I am glad it is finally over xD
      On monday we get the keys, I am so much looking forward to it <3