26 Februar 2012

Got tagged!

Hey my Dearies,

Mara  tagged me ^ ^
I am writing in english so that all the people who get tagged from me also understand my questions ; )

The rules:

-Link the person who tagged you.
-Answer the questions.
-Tag 11 other people.

-Ask the tagged ones 11 questions.
-Inform the tagged people

1.) What's your favourite flavour?

My favourite flavour of ice cream is coco nut, mango and melon : )

2.) What's your dream destination to travel to?
I got a lot destinations which I want to visit: Paris, Ireland, Australia . . but I think London, or the UK, is my favourite ^ ^

3.) Do you wear nailpolish?
Yes when I got time to paint my nails xD

4.) What would you take with you on a lonely island?
My family, friends, my boyfriend, my sketchbook and some pencils^^

5.) Your favourite weather?
Sunny, but not too hot : )

6.) Which characteristic do you wish for?
Sometimes I would like to be more quick-witted. 

7.) Sunshine or shadow?
Sunshine ^ - ^

8.) Can you keep a secret?
Of course.

9.) Do you have an idol? If yes, who and why?
Beyoncé was one of my idols because she is such a beautiful elegant woman who is not that kind of thin how all the other stars are. She is a woman who sticks to her curves!

10.) What's your favourite piece of clothing?
I think skirts are my favourite^^

11.) Is the world going to end this year?
No, in the movie "Back to the future" they travel into the year 2015  ; D

My questions:
1. What do you drink while you are blogging?
2. Which Dashboard you use - old or new one?
3. What is your favourite colour?
4. Have you got Pen Pals? If not, would you like to have one?
5. Dress, skirt or trousers?
6. What makes you easily smile?
7. What is your greatest obsession?
8. What is your daily routine?
9. Which colour has the number 1 for you?
10. What was the last movie you watched and liked?
11. What are your future plans?

I tag:

If anyone likes to join it, feel free to answer the questions : 3
I hope you have fun ; )


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