03 September 2015

Japan Holiday 2015: Christon Cafe

Hello lovelies, 
as I mentioned in the previous post we finished day 2 with dinner in the Christon Cafe in Shinjuku! Somehow we coud not find it at first since we looked for a separate building but a nice couple showed us where it was to find xD As in every theme cafe you have to pay an entrance fee and have a certain time to be there.
This theme cafe simply is just furnished like a western church with all its elements like crosses, typical statues of Jesus and Virgin Mary and more symbols:
Isn't this church window disco ball just awesome? XD I also like those iron fences you see often near churches!
We quickly got a table and ordered drinks and our food:
This astonished me even more than my the environment there. I ordered a pizza and got this :D I took a second look into the menu and noticed the little word 'fried' underneath it. Well, my first fried pizza was not that bad at all:
Egg, sausage and champignons were the contents of my pizza ball^^ Food and drinks really disappointed me since I expected all church themed like the cafe itself but everything tasted nice.
The lustre above us was really beautifull with is pearls, angels and flower-shaped lights! The red curtains make the room more comfortable and complete the crossover of a cold church and a cosy cafe:)
Yaya and me had a photo taken from a nice waitress in front of a little shrine with latin inscription on it^^ As you see the light is not that good so it makes a lot of pics without flash really bad but I think it would be an awesome photoshoot location for classic and gothic lolita <3
All in all it is a nice theme cafe but definitely not the best since the food is not themed at all.
Be prepared for the next I am writing about: Sanrio Puroland!